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Your Sacred Heart – the poem

Your Sacred heart,                                                 the convergence                                                       of physical & divine,                                             behind your heart                                                     on your spine,                                                            is the place                                                                to keep your mind. Here resides                                                           Divine Compassion                                                   and true Intelligence,                                             your Source of Power                                              and infinite beingness,                                             it’s the real you,                                                      … Continue reading

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The Silver Stream of Truth

“The Silver Stream of Truth”   When Love designed this heart of mine, the Silver Stream’s not far behind. Infinite Love, it judges not, For in judgment you’re loving not. Caring acceptance is the key to bring about our unity. … Continue reading

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Spirit Hug – The Poem

Spirit Hug Go Within                                                                             to your Sacred Heart,                                                         that place of Oneness                                                       with the infinite                                                                 and eternal;                                                                        become One with                                                            All That Is, now. Connect with Love;                                                        feel the Joy, the Peace,                                                     the Acceptance,                                                                   the Blessedness,                                                                  the Thankfulness;                                                               feel Whole … Continue reading

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