Spirit Hug – The Poem

Spirit Hug

Go Within                                                                             to your Sacred Heart,                                                         that place of Oneness                                                       with the infinite                                                                 and eternal;                                                                        become One with                                                            All That Is, now.

Connect with Love;                                                        feel the Joy, the Peace,                                                     the Acceptance,                                                                   the Blessedness,                                                                  the Thankfulness;                                                               feel Whole & Holy;                                                            Feel All That Is, now.

Being One with                                                                  All That Is;                                                                          Feeling all that is                                                                infinite Love;                                                                     wrap yourself                                                                       and your world                                                                    in a Spirit Hug.

Always, all ways                                                                 Spirit Hug yourself,                                                          your loved ones & friends,                                                strangers & enemies,                                                        your desires & your hurts                                                your community & your world,                                      your Source, your God.

And know that                                                                   you are hugged back                                                         by what you hug                                                               with acceptance                                                                 and beauty;                                                                          fear & pain gone,                                                                you are whole & free.

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