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I have been a student of spirituality for my entire adult life. As I continue this journey I have found that there are few instructions about living as a spiritual being in a physical body. I believe I can help those who have questions about how to go about that by providing insight from a nuts and bolts perspective. That is the purpose of this blog. I also believe that we, as a planet, are rapidly reaching a tipping point of either evolving to a peaceful, prosperous, healthy global society or sliding towards a more chaotic, violent, greedy world. If you are on a spiritual path, evolving personally, the power you have in helping earth tip toward the positive is enormous. Helping with personal evolution is what SpiritHug is all about. I teach classes, provide personal counseling and write on this subject. I appreciate any feedback about what you see on this site. The attached picture is a portrait work commissioned for me by my wife Linda. According to her I am "Quiet Man, Gentle Man, Your heart is like a nesting bird in my hands; Honest Man, Peaceful Man, Every hope and every fear I understand." by Amanda McBroom

Feelings are the Language of the Soul

The idea for this blog started years ago when I read Conversations with God, book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch. He said “Feeling is the language of the soul. If you want to know what’s true for you about something, … Continue reading

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One-Moment Meditation by Martin Boroson

Meditation is an important tool in any spiritual journey. This is great!

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Return to Your Sacred Heart

Much of the human race, at this point in our evolution, seems to think that acquiring stuff is what makes us happy, that what is outside of us can make us happy.  If we have more money we’ll be happy.  If … Continue reading

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Your Sacred Heart – the poem

Your Sacred heart,                                                 the convergence                                                       of physical & divine,                                             behind your heart                                                     on your spine,                                                            is the place                                                                to keep your mind. Here resides                                                           Divine Compassion                                                   and true Intelligence,                                             your Source of Power                                              and infinite beingness,                                             it’s the real you,                                                      … Continue reading

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What is a Spirit Hug

Definition of Spirit Hug:  Spir it Hug \‘spir-ət ‘həg\: Connecting with, then wrapping the eternal, infinite Self, while feeling good, around yourself and your world, thereby creating wholeness, joy and peace while eliminating fear, pain and disease (dis-ease). Among other … Continue reading

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The Silver Stream of Truth

“The Silver Stream of Truth”   When Love designed this heart of mine, the Silver Stream’s not far behind. Infinite Love, it judges not, For in judgment you’re loving not. Caring acceptance is the key to bring about our unity. … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Spirit Hug concept

This is an exciting time to be alive.  For the first time in history, science and spirit are coming together.  Quantum physics is proving what spiritual masters have been teaching for millennia.  I could tell this entire story without one … Continue reading

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