If you are new to this site and want to get the most from it, I would suggest you start with the oldest posts and work forward.

My poetry is written more as a tool for remembering, for practicing everyday spirituality, than as examples of finely crafted poems. Typically when I post poems, I will follow up with posts about how to use the thoughts behind the poem in daily practice. Since this site is called Spirit Hug, the poem Spirit Hug is here for easy access.

Spirit Hug

Go Within                                                                                         to your Sacred Heart,                                                                 that place of Oneness                                                                 with the infinite                                                                            and eternal;                                                                             become One with                                                                           All That Is, now.

Connect with Love;                                                                      feel the Joy, the Peace,                                                                 the Acceptance,                                                                              the Blessedness,                                                                             the Thankfulness;                                                                          feel Whole & Holy;                                                                       Feel All That Is, now.

Being One with                                                                               All That Is;                                                                               Feeling all that is                                                                    infinite Love;                                                                               wrap yourself                                                                                 and your world                                                                                 in a Spirit Hug.

Always, all ways                                                                         Spirit Hug yourself,                                                                    your loved ones & friends,                                                strangers & enemies,                                                                  your desires & your hurts                                                          your community & your world,                                                your Source, your God.

And know that                                                                              you are hugged back                                                                      by what you hug                                                                           with acceptance                                                                             and beauty;                                                                                    fear & pain gone,                                                                          you are whole & free.


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