Feelings are the Language of the Soul

The idea for this blog started years ago when I read Conversations with God, book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch. He said “Feeling is the language of the soul. If you want to know what’s true for you about something, look to how you’re feeling about it”. The idea has since expanded to the power of feelings.

Feelings are much more powerful than just thoughts or words, and even actions. When you’re just going through the motions, there is not much impact. Feelings add power to everything you do. To understand this we must understand that everything in the universe vibrates, including our thoughts, words and actions.

Matter vibrates very slowly. It vibrates so slowly we can’t see it vibrate with the naked eye. Actions vibrate more quickly than matter and sometimes we can see those vibrations. As an example: if we drop a pebble in a pond we see the ripples spread out from where we dropped the pebble. What we can’t see, like electricity, television waves, radio waves, thoughts etc. vibrate very fast. We can’t see those vibrations.

Sine waves of different frequency.

Sine waves of different frequency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The rate at which something vibrates is called it’s frequency, i.e., how many times per second it cycles above and below a baseline. In the example of the pebble dropped in the water, the ripples are the vibrations and the surface of the water that is not rippling is the baseline. The number of times a second that a ripple or wave is created is its frequency.

A small pebble and a large rock dropped in the water create the same frequency of ripples or waves. The difference is the power of the waves. A small pebble creates small ripples. A large rock creates more powerful waves. This is called amplitude, which measures the distance the wave travels above and below the baseline (it’s power). The more powerful the wave the more impact it has and it can travel much further before its energy is depleted. For example, a tsunami creates more impact when it hits something than the wake of a large ship and, because it’s more powerful, or has more energy, it can travel much further before it dissipates than a wave made by the wake of a ship.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Low frequency thoughts literally bring us down. We are vibrating at a low frequency. We feel bad. High frequency thoughts make us high, literally. We are vibrating at a higher frequency. We feel good. Feelings are the amplitude, or power, given to the thought’s frequencies. Thought is the pebble that sends vibrations through the Universe. The amount of feeling (size of the pebble or rock) attached to the thought gives the thought power and magnetic strength, determining our far and fast the thought will go, and how many ‘like thoughts’ it’s magnetism attracts. The ability to attract ‘like thoughts’ determines how long it takes to manifest something (matter).

Most of us experience the power of feeling in negative situations more than in positive situations. Getting angry in a situation escalates it from bad to worse immediately. We’ve all seen and felt that. For some reason most of us are quick to go to feeling anger, fear, jealousy, rage, revenge, judgment, etc. even though we have example after example throughout our lives of the powerful negative impact of those feelings. They almost immediately create even more negative situations. If you start yelling at your spouse, they immediately yell back. If you start yelling at your children, they immediately rebel (or cower, depending on their self esteem). You get the idea.

We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking. There are hundreds of good books on the subject. We have not heard much about the power of positive feeling and very little is written about it. Thoughts, prayers, affirmations, etc., without feelings don’t have much impact. I prayed and did affirmations this way for years, with very little results. Feelings, whether positive or negative, add power to our thoughts, whether positive or negative. Just as we can learn to control our thoughts (more on that in later blogs), we can learn to generate positive feelings.

Our goal is to create feelings that give us joy and happiness, and cause others to feel joy and happiness (understanding that we can’t have any lasting impact on anyone else’s happiness). If you become aware of your feelings as they are occurring, and I’m asking you to start working on that now, you will notice that positive feelings begin in the area of your Sacred Heart and literally rise up through your chest, shoulders, neck and head, raising your vibration. They make you high; they lift you up; they make you feel good; you become happy. If you are considering doing something, taking some action, and you are aware of a good feeling in your Sacred Heart, pursue it. That is your intuition, or instinct guiding you.

On the other hand, if you observe a negative feeling, you will see that it starts at the gut level and literally goes down your abdomen, hips, legs and feet, lowering your vibration. It brings you down and makes you sad, depressed, and afraid; you become unhappy. As above, if you’re considering taking some action and you are aware of any negative feeling at your gut level, do not pursue that action.  Again, that is your intuition or instinct guiding you.

You can learn to generate positive feelings. Over time, as you become more aware of your feelings, and with practice, you can replace a negative feeling with a positive feeling almost as it occurs, eliminating negative outcomes more and more in your life (except that in taking action, always heed the negative feeling). With practice you will also be able to constantly generate positive feelings, generating positive outcomes.

How can you generate positive feelings? By remembering them and reliving them. We have heard (in those books written about positive thinking) that our minds cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined event. We can all remember times in our life when we were extremely grateful or joyful; where we were in awe and wonder at beauty and majesty; when a kind, loving act brought joyous tears to our eyes; or when a compassionate act of forgiveness really moved us. By remembering and reliving these occasions in our imaginations we can regenerate the feelings we had at that time. They may not be as intense as on the original occasion (although they can be), but you really can feel them and they really will raise your vibration.

English: an angry bear

English: an angry bear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us experience this more as it relates to negative feelings we experience than with positive feelings. For example, if you broke up with a loved one, you may re-experience these feelings many times a day, especially at first. These feelings are brought on by any little thing that reminds you of your ‘ex’. You don’t want to ‘do’ anything that will remind you of them. You want to hide those feelings, rather than confront them many times a day. Even after years, something may trigger that old feeling that brings tears to your eyes. The same is true for the loss of a loved one.

We want to use that process in reverse. We want to remember, to re-experience good, joyful, happy feelings that brought laughter, a great sense of peace and serenity, awe or wonder, or maybe even tears of joy. And we want to do this constantly, until it becomes normal for us to feel good always, all ways!


Gratitude (Photo credit: ally213)

You may find that you have a “favorite” feeling, that is, one that you can generate easier than others. My favorite feeling is gratitude or thankfulness. I can generate a feeling of gratitude at will, and easier than I can generate other feelings. A close second for me is the feeling of awe and wonder. If I need a lift I can go to the ocean where its majesty, power and grandeur immediately invoke a sense of wonder and gratefulness in me that raises my vibration. A drive through the mountains will do the same thing for me. So will a beautiful sunset or a field of wildflowers.  Remembering any of these in my imagination invokes the same feelings.

It doesn’t matter what your favorite feeling might be as long as it’s positive. Whatever your favorite feeling is, practice generating it by remembering whatever experiences you had that generated it in the first place. A good time to practice is in mediation. Or driving to work. Or taking a walk. Or sitting in a beautiful environment.

What are some of these positive feelings that you may want to generate?  I have listed some below.  It is by no means exhaustive; rather it is a list to get you thinking about which feelings are positive:

Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Acceptance, Wholeness/Holiness, Thankfulness/Gratitude, Adoration, Forgiveness, Kindness, Giving, Serenity, Beauty, Caring, Awe, Freedom, Wonder, Compassion.

Practice creating some of these different feelings. Spiritual growth is not a Sunday or Sabbath day endeavor. It requires constant attention and awareness, 24/7. The more you practice, the easier it will be to always be feeling good. As mentioned above you may have feelings that are easier for you to generate than others, but it’s a good idea to learn how to create many different feelings.

The subject of your Spirit Hug should somewhat dictate which feelings you are creating. For example, if you’re giving a Spirit Hug to someone who needs healing, you would want to try to incorporate feelings of wholeness, health, acceptance, gratefulness, patience, and love into your Spirit Hug. If you’re giving a Spirit Hug to someone who needs financial healing you would incorporate feelings of abundance, thankfulness, acceptance, worthiness, giving, and peace into your Spirit Hug.

I have used the term ‘All That Is’ as another name for God. Love is also a name that is synonymous with God. The Love that is the Love of God is unconditionally accepting. All of the emotions listed above are aspects of Love. When you generate a feeling of Love, of unconditional acceptance, you can use that to Spirit Hug anything.

I talk about unconditional acceptance for two reasons. One, it is the opposite of judgment, which we as a human race seem to be so good at doing (is that a judgment?). And two, it is a requirement of every successful Spirit Hug.

Scriptures tell us “judge not that you be not judged”. Judgment comes from ego which, as we have learned, edges God out, and wants to be best or worst, depending on where we are coming from. If we have low self esteem we tend to elevate everything and everyone above us. If we have a big ego, we tend to put everything down so in our minds we are justifiably better than everyone. If we are in between, we will do both. But judgment in any form does not make you feel good.

If you believe that God created all things, that God is good, and that God is one with all things, indeed is all things, how can you judge anything as being less than good? There are many things in this world of ours that appear to be less than good. But we are not seeing with the eyes of God (remember the “Little Soul & the Sun” from an earlier blog?). We don’t see God’s entire plan. We get to accept that God’s plan is good and perfect just as it is. So it is very important that whatever we are giving a Spirit Hug to, whether it be an individual or situation, to accept it as it is, to Love it as it is.

Most of us have heard the term “what you resist, persists”. Another way of saying that is “you get more of whatever you focus your attention on.” So if you are resisting something, if you are negatively judging something, your attention is on it and you’re going to get more of it. It is by lovingly and unconditionally accepting anything and everything as it is that we can begin to change it. Don’t take this lightly. Acceptance is a primary key to changing your life and your world.

If someone is ill we get to accept that and be thankful for that while at the same time realizing that health and wholeness is their perfect state of being. We get to understand that there is a reason for their illness, and that at some level they are at cause of their illness. So as we wrap them in a Spirit Hug of healing it is with feelings of acceptance, of gratefulness, of understanding, of forgiveness, of love, of health, and of wholeness.

While we’re on the subject of healing, we also get to understand that we can’t heal anyone without their participation. In all the stories of Jesus healing people, they came to him, and he attributed their healing to their faith. The woman came up behind him and touched the hem of his cloak, saying if I only touch his cloak, I will be healed. The Centurion came to him on behalf his servant, who was as healed. The paralytic man lowered through the roof was healed. In all these cases Jesus saw their faith and told them it was their faith that healed them.

We can give a Spirit Hug of healing, but no matter how masterful we may be, they will not be healed if they don’t believe they can be healed, they will not be healed if they don’t accept their situation with gratefulness, they will not be healed if they don’t accept that at some level they are at cause of their illness (or other situation). That does not mean we should not give them a Spirit Hug. We are all One, and with a Spirit Hug our spirit is ministering to their spirit and at some level that is helping them. The same line of thought applies to any situation whether it is lack of health, lack of abundance, someone who is chronically depressed, someone who can’t get beyond grief, someone who is obsessed with fear or is paranoid, someone with low self-esteem, etc. They must participate in being whole.

Fear Filled Bathtub

Fear Filled Bathtub (Photo credit: Kewima)

Fear is another emotion that needs some discussion here. Fear is not the opposite of love, as many people think. Fear is the absence of love. The greater the fear, the more absent love is. Many of us have heard that fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. If we believe that, and I do, fear is a liar. As the riddle goes “I tell many lies and am always believed. Who am I?” (Deepak Chopra, Why is God Laughing?) Fear can literally make us ill over nothing.

As I was growing up I was very timid and shy. I was okay with raising my hand and answering questions in class, or reading papers in front of class. But I was terrified of giving a speech. I didn’t have to take speech class in high school and I didn’t. When I got to college, it was a different story. I took a class called English Composition and about the middle of the first semester our assignment was to compose and give a speech. Composing the speech was no problem. I was good at research and I loved to write. The day came for me to give the speech in front of class. Fear made me ill, literally. I went to the infirmary to get an excuse for missing class (this was a military school, you couldn’t just miss class). Because I really was ill, getting an excuse was no problem. I went back to my dorm and I laid in bed, not sleeping, but practicing my speech over and over, refining it. The next day I gave the speech. A speech is graded on composition, persuasion, eye contact, voice inflection, etc. There are a lot of components to getting a good grade in a speech. The professor gave me a perfect score. He also told me that he didn’t think there had been a perfect score on a speech in the history of the school since it was founded in 1802. Fear had lied to me. It had convinced me that I would be terrible at giving a speech, that no one would listen to me and that I wasn’t persuasive. Speaking in front of people turned out to be a very special talent. Since then I’ve never had a problem speaking in front of people. In fact, I really enjoy it and look forward to it.

Another example of fear lying to me was the fear of rejection. I was selling a very good product. I would go to my sales territory to call on businesses. I was so afraid of rejection that it made me ill. I would sit in my car, imagining the many ways I would be rejected. I literally made myself ill. I would sit there all day. I might drive around the block or to a different part of my territory and start the process all over. But again, fear was lying to me. Since then, I have made a very good living at sales working for some major corporations, including IBM.

In order to understand that fear is lying to you, face your fears. You can’t hide behind your fears, as I did for many years. You can’t bury them. You can’t ignore them and hope they will disappear. I changed careers, hoping the fear would go away. I can tell you from experience, don’t wait. It only gets worse. The energy builds and builds, making it very difficult to break away from the fear.

Energy is magnetic. The more energy present, the more magnetic it is. According to the Law of Attraction, the more you focus on something, the more ‘like’ energy is attracted. If you are obsessing over a fear enough for it to make you sick, you are attracting a tremendous amount of negative energy, as I did. Energy magnetizes your awareness, drawing you into it until you lose awareness that you are not your thoughts, that you are not your feelings. You become one with the fear. I had to go through many years of ‘failure’ to get through all that negative energy. I persevered and finally got through it. But there were dark days. Very dark days  Days when I thought I would always be a failure. Take it from me, it is easier to get through your fears early on, before they build up that tremendous amount of negative energy.

Fear causes separation. It causes us to think it is us vs. them, or me vs. you. It is an illusion. It is a lie. But it is usually believed. When reading the introductory blog about how Love can’t hurt itself, you may have asked yourself, “what about all the violence and tragedy that occurs in our world?” It is all fear based. Remember, fear is the absence of Love.

Feelings are the language of the soul. If your feelings don’t make you feel good, you need to change your feelings by changing your thoughts. Feelings are a wonderful barometer, letting you know if your “weather” will be good or foul. If what you are thinking about doesn’t make you feel good, don’t give it a second thought, literally. Think about something that will help you generate a good feeling. Keep going back to that, no matter how often your thoughts are ‘attracted’ back to that negative thought process. Keep it up. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t be in judgment. Just notice that you are back there, not feeling good, and re-generate a thought that will make you feel good. In time, it will get easier and easier.

Feel All That Is. Feel good. According to Wayne Dyer if you feel good you are feeling God. This then is step two of the Spirit Hug process:

Connect with Love;                                                 feel the Joy, the Peace,                                         the Acceptance,                                                      the Blessedness,                                                      the Thankfulness,                                                   feel Whole & Holy;                                                 Feel All That Is, now.

Practice this step until you can quickly generate good feelings. Then combine step one with step two. Go within, becoming One with All That Is, while feeling good.

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One-Moment Meditation by Martin Boroson

Meditation is an important tool in any spiritual journey. This is great!

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Return to Your Sacred Heart

Much of the human race, at this point in our evolution, seems to think that acquiring stuff is what makes us happy, that what is outside of us can make us happy.  If we have more money we’ll be happy.  If we have a great relationship we’ll be happy.  If we have a bigger house, a nicer car or new furniture we’ll be happy.  If we had a more fulfilling job we’d be happy.  If our children would just be better behaved we’d be happy.  If our spouse would be more loving we’d be happy.


(Photo credit: Tiffy-doodle)

The truth is none of this makes us happy.  Deep down we really know that. We’ve spent a lifetime acquiring stuff, changing jobs, changing careers, changing relationships, etc. and we know that none of it makes us happy.  In fact, just the opposite occurs in many cases.  By acquiring stuff, we create a never-ending cycle of more bills, since we usually acquire our stuff using a credit card or bank loan.  Then we need more money to pay off the bills.  When we make more money, we tend to acquire more stuff creating even higher bills, with the result that we are deeply unhappy if not outright depressed. Changing relationships through divorce does the same thing.  Most divorces are messy things that make both spouses and children unhappy, depressed and afraid of change.

We keep searching for the magic potion, for that special something that will make us happy.  The problem is we’re looking in the wrong place. We are the only thing that can make us happy.  We get to choose!

Cover of "Friendship with God: An Uncommo...

In order to find happiness we must go within.  Neale Donald Walsch in his book, Friendship With God, said “Go within.  To find what is within, go within.  If you do not go within, you go without.”  We know that what is without does not make us happy. So what is within?  Our Sacred Heart.  Our Self.

We are not our body.  We are not our thoughts.  We are not our feelings. We can be aware of and observe all of those things.  In the classic scientific principle of “subject – object relationship”, if we can observe something, it is the object and we are the subject. We are not and cannot be the object.  We are spiritual beings in a physical body. (“…the world consists of objects (entities) which are perceived or otherwise presumed to exist as entities, by subjects (observers).” – Wikipedia, Subject-object problem.)

What does it mean to ‘go within’?  It means to put our attention, our focus, our awarenesson our Sacred Heart.  Where is our Sacred Heart? The physical location of your Sacred Heart is behind your solar plexus or sternum near your spine.  The location varies slightly from person to person, but if you put your attention in that area you can locate it by feeling its energy vibrating (it may take time and practice for you to feel that energy) or by getting a sense that your body’s boundaries are diminishing, i.e., they are not as solid as you thought they were.

Cover of "Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras...

For those of you who know chakras, it is the heart chakra.  Chakras are measurable energy centers located from the bottom of your spine to the top of your spine in the middle of your body.  If you are sitting up very straight, as a Lotus position (although that is not required), picture a string running from just inside your tailbone up your spine through the middle of the top of your head, and that will give you a good idea where the chakras are located.  “Chakras exist in many dimensions simultaneously, and as such, are a point of entry into those dimensions.”  Wheels of Light by Anodea Judith.

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart (Photo credit: Darkmuse)

Our Sacred Heart is the intersection of our physical body with our infinite, eternal spiritual Self, or with the dimension of the Divine.  Glenda Green puts it beautifully in her 1999 book, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, “The heart I speak of is the central focus point of your very soul.  It is the lens through which your soul integrates all of your earthly emotions and all of your divine awareness in a focused point of infinite possibility.  This point is on the threshold of your physical existence, at a point slightly below and behind your physical heart.”

To go within means to put your attention on your Sacred Heart.  When you put your attention there you can feel that you exist beyond your body.  In other words, you become aware that your body is not all that you are.  Focusing your attention on your Sacred Heart diminishes the boundaries of the body, and you feel yourself one with the space that is outside your body.  If, with your attention, you begin to probe the limits of yourself, you find that there are none. Your Self extends infinitely and eternally, One with All That Is.

As with anything new, this takes practice.  When you first put your attention on your Sacred Heart, imagine your self extending into the room beyond your body.  The more you can keep your attention on your Sacred Heart, the easier it will be to feel yourself beyond your body.  If you have a hard time grasping this imagine what it would be like to be spirit.  What is spirit?  Does spirit have shape?  Does spirit have boundaries?


Seashore (Photo credit: astrogator)

Spirit is kind of like air.  If you’re driving in the mountains you will notice that the air smells fresh and clean.  When you drive down to the city the air smells more like smog.  If you drive by the ocean it may smell of fish and salt.  But the air is all one.  Did you notice a boundary line between where the air smelled fresh and clean and where it smelled like smog or the ocean?  There is no boundary. Your spirit is like that.  You are one with All That Is and yet you are an individual.  There is no boundary between your spirit and anything else, yet you are aware that you exist.  The more you put your attention on your Sacred Heart the more you feel oneness with All That Is, that there are no boundaries, that there are no limits.

Our goal is to keep our attention or our awareness on our Sacred Heart always, all ways.  Then we are always in that place of Oneness, we are always One with All That Is.  This can have tremendous positive impact on our relationships, both casual and intimate.


EGO (Photo credit: Alii Vella ♥)

For instance, when I first meet someone, or even just see someone for the first time, I normally have a first impression or some type of judgment about them, either positive or negative.  I may think she’s beautiful, he’s tall, she’s too thin, he’s fat, I don’t like the way he’s dressed, she’s sexy, he’s homely, he/she has a good build, what is he doing with that little bit of hair he’s got, etc. The point is I’m coming from my mind, which as we have discussed, is the domain of ego.  Ego always wants to be best or worst and will build up or tear down anyone or anything to achieve its goal. If we are truly One with All That Is then when we judge someone or something else, we are really judging ourselves.  We are also implying that God’s creation is flawed, which includes both us and them.  However, if my attention is on my Sacred Heart when I first meet someone or see someone, there is only acceptance.  I accept them wholly and completely as a perfect child of God.  If my attention is not on my Sacred Heart, and I begin to judge, I am usually aware enough at this stage of my practice, that I can immediately shift my awareness and all judgment disappears.  Try it.  You will see that it works.

Another example is that if we are involved in a discussion or argument with a close friend or loved one and we are both coming from mind or ego, they may say something that would cause us to get angry with them, which could then escalate into us hurting them, or them hurting us, damaging the relationship.  Instead of coming from mind or ego (which has to be right at all costs), we can keep our awareness focused on our Sacred Heart. Then we will calmly, humbly and lovingly find a solution to whatever issue is at hand.

Keeping our attention on our Sacred Heart will keep us in a loving compassionate place always.  As Glenda Green again so wonderfully put it “Within the Sacred Heart are seven passions: Unity, Love, Life, Respect, Honesty, Justice, and Kindness, which bring understanding and focus to living.  Together they generate COMPASSION, which is the soul’s true knowing”.  So keep your attention on your Sacred Heart, not only during the Spirit Hug process, but practice keeping it there at all times.  It will make a wonderful difference in your life and in your world.

This then is step one of the Spirit Hug process:

Go within                                                                            to your Sacred Heart,                                                     that place of Oneness                                                     with the infinite                                                               and eternal;                                                                  become One with                                                              All That Is, now.

Practice this step until you can easily feel yourself beyond your body, One with All That Is.

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Your Sacred Heart – the poem

Your Sacred heart,                                                 the convergence                                                       of physical & divine,                                             behind your heart                                                     on your spine,                                                            is the place                                                                to keep your mind.

Here resides                                                           Divine Compassion                                                   and true Intelligence,                                             your Source of Power                                              and infinite beingness,                                             it’s the real you,                                                      the God in you.

Ego dominates                                                         your mind,                                                           edging God out,                                               separation and judgment                                         are it’s goal,                                                     building you up                                                          or tearing you down. 

To keep your mind                                             servant to your Heart,                                             Be in gratitude,                                               Practice forgiveness,                                       Observe in innocence,                                         bringing understanding                                           and focus to your life.

Within your Sacred Heart                                   reside Unity & Love,                                         Respect & Life,                                               Honesty & Kindness,                                       integrating your emotions                                      with divine awareness                                     empowering your Soul.

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What is a Spirit Hug

Definition of Spirit Hug:  Spir it Hug \‘spir-ət ‘həg\: Connecting with, then wrapping the eternal, infinite Self, while feeling good, around yourself and your world, thereby creating wholeness, joy and peace while eliminating fear, pain and disease (dis-ease).

Among other things, a Spirit Hug is essentially a powerful prayer form. Instead of using words to articulate our prayers, we use visualization, feeling and a sense of Oneness; leaving the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ up to God, who knows our needs before we even ask.

Typically, when we pray, we ask God for what we think we need, and sometimes we think we even know how our prayer should be answered.  For example, if praying for prosperity, we may think prosperity can only come to us through our careers, for example, a raise or a new job.  But if God really knows our needs before we even ask, why should we have to ask for any specific thing, much less limit God as to how the need should be met? We also tend to recite these words more or less by rote, without feeling and without seeing our prayer as being answered.  I prayed like this for years. The results were discouraging, at best.

English: This is a photograph I personally too...

Wayne Dyer

When we pray a prayer of supplication, which is a prayer asking for something, we are thinking about what we need.  In other words, we are in our mind.  Mind is the domain of ego.  What our ego thinks we need may have nothing to do with Truth.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, ego stands for “edging God out”.  A good prayer of supplication is one that asks for guidance or insight, humbly acknowledging our limited knowledge, but even then it is better to pray a prayer of gratitude; being thankful for the guidance that we have already received.

Another issue when we pray asking for something is that we are making a statement to the Universe that we don’t have it.  According to the Law of Attraction we get more of what we focus on.  If we are focusing on lack, as we do when we are asking for something, we get more of the same.  So a prayer of supplication is actually counterproductive.

If we really believe God knows our needs, we should be able surrender both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to God.  In other words, we shouldn’t have to ask for anything, much less tell God how it should be provided.  So what does that leave?  If God has answered our prayers before we even ask, we should be thankful; we should be full of gratitude.  By that, I mean we should feel thankful.  Most prayers should be heartfelt prayers of gratitude.  As we shall see as we move through this blog, feelings are much more powerful than just words, and working with feelings is an essential part of a Spirit Hug.

In addition to being a powerful prayer form, the Spirit Hug process is a way to focus intention.  Much has been written recently about intent – that thought affects physical reality.  That what we focus on becomes real.  Lynne McTaggert has written a wonderful book called The Intention Experiment, which really is an ongoing experiment that you can participate in at www.theintentionexperiment.com. The idea behind the intention experiment is not only to test the theory, but to see what can be accomplished by having many people intend the same thing at the same time.  Grand things can be accomplished in this way, “for where two or three (or more) are gathered in His name, whatever they ask, it shall be done for them”.

The problem with this concept of intention is that most of us are inundated by thoughts

"Idle Thoughts", 1898

“Idle Thoughts”, 1898 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that we don’t want to become real.  We don’t have a choice as to whether they become real.  It is the universal Law of Attraction (which is being proved by quantum physics).  Like energy attracts like energy.  Your thoughts are energy and they attract like thoughts until enough energy is attracted (or has come together) for the formless (thought) to become form (matter).  You will get more of what you focus on.  It can’t be any other way.  Unlike a law against speeding, which we can break, this is a Universal Law that cannot be broken.  Your only choice in the matter is to either create unconsciously or to create intentionally.  Most of us create unconsciously because we don’t control that inundation of thoughts that we don’t want to become real.  Guess what?  They become real anyway.  How much of what is going on in your life did you intend to create?  If you didn’t intend to create it, how did it get there?  You created it unconsciously.  The Spirit Hug process provides a way to get control of your thoughts, so that you create only what you intend to create.

Additionally, the Spirit Hug process is a guide to everyday spirituality.  An individual Spirit Hug is like an individual prayer.  It begins and ends just like a prayer does.  But the Spirit Hug process can be used to live life to its fullest and to evolve spiritually while we are in a physical body.  It becomes a way of life that we are always practicing.  The ways it can do this are as follows:

  • By constantly being mindful

  • By staying focused on your Sacred Heart

  • By keeping your Sacred Heart open and relaxed

  • By staying in the moment

  • By understanding that you are One with everyone and everything

We will define these terms and provide complete understanding as we move through this blog.

While we’re on the subject of Oneness, I would like to quote Neale Donald Walsch from Communion With God: “We Are All One.  This is the only message that matters. It is the only message there is. Everything else in life is a reflection of this message. Everything else sends it.  The fact that you have so far failed to receive it (you have heard it often, but you have failed to receive it) is what has caused every misery, every sorrow, every conflict, every heartache in your experience. It has caused every murder, every war, every rape and robbery, every assault and attack, mental, verbal, and physical. It has caused every illness and dis-ease, and every encounter with what you call “death.”  The idea that we are not One is an illusion.” (Italics mine.)

The poem, Spirit Hug (in About section) is an outline of the Spirit Hug process.  After learning how to Spirit Hug, the poem can serve as a quick reminder, helping to ensure you don’t leave out essential parts of the process.  A Spirit Hug is really very simple.  Once you learn how to Spirit Hug you will find it not only to be much more powerful, it is much faster than spoken prayers because you don’t have to think about what you’re saying.  A Spirit Hug takes a second. It is my belief that Jesus (and other masters) used a process similar to Spirit Hugs when healing or performing what we would call miracles.  A Spirit Hug is that quick…and that powerful!

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The Silver Stream of Truth

The Silver Stream of Truth”
When Love designed this heart of mine,
the Silver Stream’s not far behind.
Infinite Love, it judges not,
For in judgment you’re loving not.
Caring acceptance is the key
to bring about our unity.
In scriptures taught the whole world through
flows forth the Silver Stream of Truth.
Burn off the dross,
pull out the weeds,
get rid of all self serving needs,
it’s the Silver Stream of Truth that sets us free.
As we soar through eternity,
in wonderful diversity,
both bright and dark; and proud and stark,
terrorism and going to war…
things like this we’ll have no more,
our Truth will bring us full accord
In humble acceptance find your path,
don’t fear, don’t let your courage flag,
the rightness of Now lights your way,
brightening even your darkest days,
joy is your friend eternally
as Truth brings you serenity.
Forgiveness is what binds us close,
brothers and sisters, we’re exposed,
we must be One to find our peace,
nature itself shows our release,
as wisdom crowns our heads in gray,
the Silver Stream is on display.
In scriptures taught the whole world through
flows forth the Silver Stream of Truth.
Burn off the dross,
pull out the weeds,
get rid of all self serving needs,
it’s the Silver Stream of Truth that sets us free.
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Introduction to the Spirit Hug concept

English: Acrylic paint on canvas. Theme quantu...

English: Acrylic paint on canvas. Theme quantum physics. Français : Peinture acrylique sur toile. Thématique physique quantique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an exciting time to be alive.  For the first time in history, science and spirit are coming together.  Quantum physics is proving what spiritual masters have been teaching for millennia.  I could tell this entire story without one reference to God or spirit.

And guess what!  God doesn’t care!  God is all there is. He has no needs, no desires.  Why would God care what we call Him (or Her, although for the sake of simplicity, I use Him throughout this blog).  God knows that he is always Love, that he is unconditionally accepting, that he is glorious and magnificent, that he knows all, is all-powerful, and is everywhere and everywhen now. But if God is all there is, how does he experience Himself?  In other words, if good is all there is, how do you really know it is ‘good’ since there is no ‘bad’ to compare it to.  If there is nothing but God, how is God to experience God?

God knows he is all these things.  He uses His creation to experience them.  Knowing something and experiencing something are two different things.  We may know that we are compassionate, but until we perform a compassionate act we cannot know how it really feels to be compassionate, we have not experienced being compassionate. We may know we are forgiving, but until we have actually forgiven someone, we have not experienced being forgiving.  God has created us in His image, that is, as creative spiritual beings, and He has given us free will, so that He can experience Himself through us; however we choose to have Him experience it.

Imagine that you are a flame in the Sun.  You know you are light, that you are magnificent, glorious and whole.  But when you look around, all you see are other flames that are just like you.  You are all One. You know you are an individuated part of the Sun, but how can you experience your magnificence?  If everything and everyone are all the same, that is, glorious, magnificent and whole; how can you experience yourself as that?  You would have to become that which you are not.  But, that which you are not is illusion, it is not real. You are still the perfect, whole, magnificent being that you always were.  Neale Donald Walsch wrote of this in “Conversations with God, Book 1” and has written a delightful children’s book that tells this story entitled, the Little Soul & the Sun, which is a great story for adults as well as children.  In order for God to experience Himself, He became that which He was not.

Experiencing that which we are not is the whole reason for relative duality.  You can’t experience up without down, hot without cold, fast without slow, good without bad, Love without the absence of Love.  And, we can’t be whole without all of it!  If we hide what we call the bad, we can never be whole.  God is absolute: pure, unconditionally accepting Love.  God’s consciousness, Love, is the underlying basis that makes up the Universe.  The whole universe of relativity is illusion!

And now quantum physics is telling us the same thing.  It is saying that an electron has infinite potential to be at any place in space or time until it is observed.  It is the act of observation that makes something what, where and when it is.  Our intention for something to be, makes it so.

English: photo of Dr. John Hagelin

English: photo of Dr. John Hagelin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. John Hagelin, one of the pre-eminent quantum physicists of our time, says “the electron is not a material particle…it’s a concept. The electron is made of the same stuff thoughts are made of!”  He also says “The unified field is aware of its own existence; it responds dynamically to its own presence.  So what do we have?  We have a field of concentrated, infinitely dynamic, self-aware intelligence.  And that, my friends, is consciousness.” (Consciousness is the Unified Field, Light of Consciousness Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006.)

In other words, Unified Field is another term for God!  Self-aware intelligence implies unconditional Love.  If the Unified Field, or God, is the underlying energy that makes up all that is, how can it hurt itself in any way?  By definition, it must be unconditionally accepting and cannot cause damage to itself.  The physician’s creed, “First, do no harm” applies here.  Anything that seems different than this is part of the illusion.

Dr. David Hawkins has also discovered something exciting as it relates to consciousness.  Dr. Hawkins developed a ‘map of consciousness’ (Power VS. Force), a logarithmic scale from 1 to 1,000 based on kinesiology, where 1 is nearly the complete absence of love and integrity, and 1,000 (logarithmically that is 1 with 1,000 zeroes after it) represents the highest possible level of human consciousness (although Consciousness itself is infinite) and represented by the consciousnesses of Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and Allah.  A consciousness level of 200 or more represents the line of integrity or truth.  If consciousness is at 200 or above, it strengthens or adds to.  Anything below 200 weakens or subtracts from.  If humanity, as a whole, is below 200 on this scale of consciousness, we are not only capable of destroying ourselves, it is probable, assuming we have the technology to do so, which we have had since 1945.  The exciting news is that around 1980, for the first time in history, the consciousness level of mankind went over 200, to 207.  It had remained for several centuries at about 190, just below the line of integrity.  Around that time (1980’s), we saw the Berlin wall collapse, the fall of Communist Russia, and corporations such as Enron, WorldCom and Anderson Consulting were no longer able to get away with their less than ethical behavior.  We have turned the corner of consciousness.  Although we are not out of the woods, we are poised for great, positive change on planet Earth.  Most of us who are reading this have felt that.

Biology is also showing that the spiritual Masters have been right all along. Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his ground breaking book, The Biology of Belief, and Candace Pert in her equally insightful book Molecules of Emotion, have both shown how thoughts and feelings can make healthy bodies diseased, or make ailing bodies healthy, and that “beliefs control biology” (Bruce Lipton).  Dr. Lipton says “We are made in the image of God, and we need to put Spirit back into the equation when we want to improve our physical and our mental health…Learning how to harness your mind to promote growth is the secret of life…It is not our genes but our beliefs that control our lives…Oh ye of little belief!”

Even the field of psychology is using these principles.  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a psychological method developed by Marsha Linehan to treat persons with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  Part of the therapy employs mindfulness techniques we will discuss later in detail.  Other Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) also use mindfulness.

So, what does this all have to do with Spirit Hug?  Despite the fact that we, as a human race, are evolving, becoming more conscious, meditating more than ever, practicing the Law of Attraction, and really, really believe we are spiritual beings; most of us have no clue as to how to BE a spiritual being in a physical body. Even though spiritual Masters have been showing us the way for millennia, their work has either been shrouded in mystery or misinterpreted so badly as to lose most of its credibility. I don’t necessarily think any of this was purposeful.

Imagine Jesus walking around 2,000 years ago with the totality of knowledge of quantum physics – how the universe works, even more so than our current technology allows us to understand it today.  How would he explain it to the people of that day?  He chose to use parables. Unfortunately, most people still couldn’t ‘get’ what he was saying (he knew that, saying “he who has ears, let him hear”). The parables seemed mysterious and were prone to misinterpretation. His demonstration of that knowledge, what people  called miracles, only added to the mystery and misinterpretation.  Yet Jesus said ‘why you are in awe?  Greater things than these shall you do’.  But how do we do these greater things?

We need a simple guide to everyday spirituality.  How do we allow our Spirit, our true Self, that which is One with All That IS, dominate our daily lives, rather than be dominated by our thoughts, feelings, and physical bodies?  How do we fulfill the promise of a life of Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Wholeness, and Blessedness?  Spirit Hug is an attempt to do that.

Spirit Hug is really not new.  As the song goes “It’s a new old thing called a Spirit Hug” (Spirit Hug by Peter Grand & Donald Thomsen).  It is a new way of looking at ancient teachings.  New perceptions may be helpful to people who haven’t been able to ‘get’ older perceptions.  Repetition is good.  It helps reinforce a teaching into your heart until it becomes natural for you to be the teaching.  Spirit Hug is a synthesis of my reading, study, and inner practice over the last three decades.  My intention with this blog is to cut that time down for you.  My hope is that Spirit Hug can be a shorter way to living your own everyday spirituality.  If more of us can do that our world will be a much better place to live. Since this blog is a guide as well as an instructional, I have liberally included references to other authors, who are my mentors, so that you can delve deeper into their works if you so choose.

Spirit Hug is not the only way to Spirit.  As I tell my workshop participants, there are an infinite number of ways to the Infinite. If what I say resonates within your heart, go with it.  If not, throw it away and look for another way.  Be aware of anyone who claims their way is the only way!

The principles herein can be used in any facet of life, whether referred to as spiritual or not.  They can be applied to relationship, to science, to business and even to government (although politics might be a stretch), without ever referring to the words God or Spirit.

That being said, this particular blog is about spirituality.  I have referred and will refer to Jesus and will quote the Bible.  That is only because I am more familiar with the Bible, having been raised as a Christian.  I firmly believe, as I said above, that there are many other ways; that other Scriptures’ and other Masters’ teachings embody what I call “The Silver Stream of Truth”.

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